Louis Vuitton: Series 3

Hello and welcome, first of all, to my first post on my new blog. This post has been a long time coming if I’m honest, it seems that somewhere in the past few weeks I’ve become a bit caught up in the whir of college and work and a LOT of coursework and, lets be honest, the fact that all of my favourite TV shows seem to have come back at the same time (don’t talk to me about The Walking Dead). But anyway, that’s not what I came here to prattle on about. What I did come here to prattle on about in fact, is Louis Vuitton.


Dress – Zara

Coat – Primark

Boots – H&M

On the day of going to the exhibition, I actually felt a bit poopy and after attempting to get ready a couple of times and failing due to aforementioned poopyness, I finally had to accept the fact that I would be showing up in my grungy hoodie and leggings (professional ill person attire). The only thing that could pull me out of this funk was remembering I had this wonderful little Zara dress. It’s satisfyingly easy to wear with anything and even better, is a perfect choice comfortwise (that’s definitely not a word). I wore it with my big fluffy primark coat which has definitely been a favourite of mine recently, a simple way of jazzing up an otherwise plain outfit and adding a bit of my own style to it.

The Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition offers not only a chance to see the new collection, but a look back at history and a chance to see an actual Louis Vuitton bag being made right before your eyes. Immediately after entering the exhibition, it feels almost as if you have been transported into the creative mind of Nicholas Gesquire. The rooms are darkly lit and are filled with people, all buzzing to get an insight into the luxurious  world of Louis Vuitton.

Shortly after entering the exhibition, we are taken into a large room to watch catwalk footage of the new collection. I loved seeing rising model Fernanda Ly on the catwalk, her pink hair and overall grungy look really brings a modern look to the collection, something that contrasts with the brands traditionalism. I could also see this in the part of the exhibition where we see actual Louis Vuitton accessories from the past, right next to the new accessories from the collection. For me, it really epitomised what Louis Vuitton is as a brand, traditionalism at it’s finest. It was clear to see from the bags and accessories on display (some were from the early 1920’s!) that Louis Vuitton has been around for centuries, yet even today it manages to fit in with modern fashion, whilst also incorporating elements from the past. This is definitely something I admire about Louis Vuitton as a brand.

The exhibition also allows you to actually see a Louis Vuitton bag being hand-made right in front of you. It really is amazing to see all of the tiny details and all of the work that goes into making these bags. After this, it’s finally time to see, and be within touching distance, of the collection. Personal favourites of mine are, of course, the massive white fluffy coat modelled by Fernanda Ly and the gold/black coordinate set. Also notable is the bold shape of the sleeves on some of the pieces, it really fits in with the overall modern vibe of the whole collection, which was something that really stood out to me. The traditionalism, of course, was also visible, the trademark Louis Vuitton logo could be spotted on different bags, and many parts of the collection seemed 60’s and 70’s inspired in certain aspects – something that I loved. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the exhibition and hope to go to more similar events in the future!

What do you think about the new collection? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below!



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