CA Travel Diaries: DISNEYLAND

My favourite part of any trip is always going to be Disneyland. Always. I was so happy to get the chance to stay in Anaheim for a couple nights on our trip, to spend a day in Disneyland. I’m a self confessed Disney nerd and with one of my biggest life goals being to visit every Disneyland in the world (three down, four to go…), I was more than excited to be able to cross another one off the list.

Top – Primark

Dungarees – Asos

Bag – Primark

Shoes – Primark

As I’m a completely extra human being, naturally I decided that none of the normal Disney ears were good enough. This meant buying ears from the kids section which were waaaaaayy cuter but gave me a fat old headache all day, worth it. I also had to make a minor adjustment to them as they had an ugly butterfly bow thing on them which I cut off. DIY Disney ears coming at ya.


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