3 Outfit Ideas: Girls Weekend

Is anyone else craving a holiday? I know I am, seeing everyone’s holiday pictures all over Instagram and Snapchat is making me green with envy lately, especially as I’ve already had my holiday this year so am not booked to be going abroad anytime soon (sad face). Due to this I’ve been filling my 4 month long summer break with ‘mini breaks’ to get away from work every now and then, and having been on two out of four or five of these ‘mini breaks’ now, I’m starting to get a little bit better at packing for them. I’d tell you the key is to keep it simple, but I simply can’t preach a rule that I can’t stick to myself. So, instead, I’ve put together some of my favourite outfits for a mini break or more specifically a girls weekend, so whether you’re off for a few days in Barcelona (as the entirety of my Instagram feed seems to be at the moment), or a spa break in Bath, hopefully you’ll find something to give you a bit of inspiration.

Option #1:

  1. 20067531_1550097975057444_72689014_n

Top – Accessorize

Skirt – New look

Earrings – Claires

Shoes – Topshop

I love this outfit for exploring a city, the skirt is a pleated midi meaning that you won’t get too sweaty! The top is so pretty with it, very lightweight, and you don’t have to wear a bra with it which is always a bonus. I thought that the earrings were really cute to add an extra ounce of boho to the look, I got them for Coachella in April but never ended up wearing them, I’m determined to make them work for something though! The shoes are definitely for style over sustenance, as they’re a pain to walk around in all day, so I can’t say I would 100% recommend them for a day of walking, but they are very pretty to look at, aren’t they?


Top – Topshop

Choker – Re:So Southampton

Shorts – Missguided

Sandals – Primark

This outfit would actually be really cute for a festival, come to think about it I’m pretty sure I wore this exact top and shorts combo to Sziget Festival last year… Anyway, I’m loving yellow this summer and this top is really cute with a little pair of shorts, especially if you’re going to be in hot weather! This is also a really comfortable outfit for walking around in all day, I’ve found that flip flop sandals like these Primark ones actually make for the best kind of walking shoes on holiday because you know they’re not going to give you blisters. This would also look really good with white jeans rather than shorts if you’re going to somewhere not so hot.


Top – Primark

Skirt – Hollister

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Primark

I’ve just realised how country western this looks, it wasn’t intentional I promise. But why should that be a bad thing? These Primark boots with cut outs in the back kind of make everything look a bit country western, and to be honest, it’s not something I’ve been hating all that much. I don’t think suede skirts are particularly the ‘trendy’ thing to wear anymore (why do I sound like a mum), but I decided to include this one anyway because I think it’s so cute, and with the off the shoulder top it’s a really nice summer outfit.

Hope you enjoyed and hopefully got a little bit of inspiration! I might *fingers crossed* be off to Prague very soon so look forward to some outfit/travel posts from there!






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