Travel Diaries: What I Wore In Amsterdam

Everyone can agree that this time of the year is when we all start to get just a little bit… well, fed up. If you ask me, Blue Monday comes a month too early. I have always been February’s least biggest fan, let’s face it, Winter’s cosy novelty effect wears off after New Year’s eve is over with and everyone just seems to be generally pissed off with everything. When you get to this time of year/state of mind, my best advice would be to book a trip. So that’s what I did.

Going to Amsterdam was something that I had always been meaning to get round to doing, and I can finally say I’ve ticked it off my travel bucket list. It’s one of the most gorgeous picturesque places I think I’ve ever been to, with its canals, cobble streets and endless amounts of bicycles. Three days spent exploring this beautiful city with my friends was just the therapy I needed.

Day One:

Top – Forever 21

Trousers – Zara

Bag – Acessorize

Trainers – Missguided

I promise I was wearing a coat I just decided to abandon it for the purpose of outfit pictures! The weather was so freezing I actually felt warm when I got back to England, which is something I would never expect to say. I had to bring an all pink outfit to Amsterdam of course, and this one was comfortable enough to travel in. This Accessorize bag is also perfect for travelling, it’s the ideal size for my Polaroid camera, and also fits everything else I need, whilst being compact enough to not get in the way or be too heavy.

We arrived in Amsterdam around 11:00a.m after a flight time of only 50 minutes! This gave us time to find our hostel in the city center before heading off for some yummy pancakes. I would highly recommend Pancakes Amsterdam, whether you’re after something sweet or savoury, they do the most tasty, not to mention Insta-worthy, pancakes and hot drinks.

After this we explored the rest of the city and hit up a few of the attractions. I would recommend visiting the Red Lights Secrets Museum, it seems like more of a novelty attraction but it’s actually very interesting and is very informative about how much of a dangerous industry prostitution is. It’s definitely worth a visit!

After a delicious dinner at a charming Italian restaurant near our hostel, we headed to another attraction: the Ice Bar. I’ve always been meaning to go to the Ice Bar in London, but never really had the occasion. It was an interesting experience, but after a minute or so I did find myself wondering why I had payed 20 euros to stand in a -10 degree room for 10 minutes. Never the less, an interesting experience!

Day 2

Jumper – River Island

Jeans – Missguided

Trainers – Missguided

Bag – Accessorize

No scarf necessary with this amazing fluffy jumper, can you believe I’ve had it for about 2 years and totally forgot about it up until this point?! I’m also completely pretending that I’m about to ride a bike, I haven’t actually rode a bike in years, and completely wussed out of riding one in Amsterdam because of how busy and stressful the roads are there. I’m pathetic, I know.

Our second day in the city comprised of lots more walking and exploring some of the gorgeous parks. Although it was still freezing cold, we did actually get a bit of sun that morning! Word of advice: if you’re heading to Amsterdam soon and want to visit the Anne Frank House, book ahead! We walked all the way there to discover they’re only accepting online bookings at the moment, but hey ho, no walk that picturesque is ever a wasted journey!

After going on my first ever tram journey, we visited a food hall just outside of the city centre. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to get out of the city for a bit for something to eat, they have a lot of different options (my friend Izzy had a popcorn hotdog, interesting) and it’s a great place to go for chilled drinks.

That evening we went on the Ultimate Party Bar Crawl around the Red Light District, this was definitely one of my favourite memories from the whole trip, it was so fun and you get to meet so many different people!


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