Hello! My name is Phoebe Rose Denman, an 18 year old Fashion Journalism student from Kent, currently based in Southampton. I would describe my personal style as girly with a bit of an edge, I love caramel latte’s, Brandy Melville and all things pink and fluffy! Through this blog I hope to offer style inspiration through my array of regular outfit posts and fashion and trend updates.

In September 2016, I started studying Fashion Journalism at Southampton Solent University, although this was not what I first expected to be doing this year, it has by far been one of the best decisions of my life. I have made so many amazing friends and it is unbelievably refreshing to be around so many like-minded people and to finally be studying something that really interests me and feels relevant to my life and what I want to do. As I continue with my course I hope to regularly update my blog, posting my different outfit choices and commenting on various different fashion events. I hope that you will continue this journey with me and that you enjoy reading.




One thought on “About Me

  1. Life is so much easier when you know your path! Congratulations on that. I wasn’t that savvy at your age. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy your visits.


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