Power in Pink: Shooting my first fashion film!


Being a complete technophobe, I naturally found the thought of shooting and editing an entire film by myself (even if it was only 30 seconds long..) a tad bit daunting. But, my fears were, of course, challenged in my Fashion Film unit of my course this semester.

Being decidedly much more comfortable in front of the camera than behind it, I enlisted the help of my friend Jess to help film, and together we scouted different pink places around London to film. The title of my film is Power In Pink, it’s an editorial for Missguided consisting of entirely pink outfits. Admittedly, I struggled with the editing of the film far less than I thought I would, and managed to emerge from the library 2 hours later with a finished film!

Location 1: Notting Hill



Stole – Primark

Blazer – Oasis

Jeans – Bershka

Trainers – Puma

Location 2 – Princes Gate Mews, South Kensington


T-shirt – Primark

Stole – Primark

Skirt – Missguided

Location 3 – Trevors Square, Knightsbridge


Jumpsuit – Boohoo

Jacket – Primark

Trainers – Puma




Christmas Presents Your Friends & Family Won’t Want to Return


Christmas is approaching at lightning speed and I thought it would be polite of me to give you a friendly reminder that Christmas is the season of giving, as much as receiving – I know I could definitely use a reminder of that! So if you haven’t already spent all your cash on presents for yourself in the Black Friday sales, this one’s for you, a gift guide for everyone in your life, and things they’ll actually want. Buying presents is definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas, it’s like going on a little guilt free shopping spree where you can spend as much money as you want without having to have a little “why did I buy ANOTHER black jumper” cry when you get home later. Fantastic.

For Your Partner In CrimePicMonkey Collage-2

Boots – Zara, £49.99


Trainers – ASOS

Coat – New Look, £44.99


Top – New Look, £14.99


It’s official. Your best friend is the most fun person to shop for, ever. Why? Because it’s basically like you’re shopping for yourself!

For Your Mum

PicMonkey Collage

Earrings – Pandora, £40.00


Top – Zara, £29.99


Tealight holder – Sass & Belle at Debenhams, £10.50


Pouch – Accessorize, £14.00


Shopping for mum’s is usually down to what type of mum you have, for example, the sentimental mum who would love a pair of earrings, or on the other end of the spectrum is the gym mum who is more excited by a new pair of trainers.. I’m still trying to decide what type of mum my mum is..

For Your Dad

BeFunky Collage

Slippers – Marks & Spencer, £15.00


Personalised Beard Comb – NotOnTheHighStreet, £32.00


Self Stirring Mug – Amazon, £4.70


Gilet – Joules, £59.95


Personalised Barbecue Tool Set – FindMeAGift, £35.99


Wallet Ninja – Firebox, £8.99


Stylus Pen – Marks & Spencer, £9.50


The Enlightened Cyclist Book – White Stuff, £10.99


Shirt – Fat Face, £49.50


Get your dad something other than slippers this year! Or if you did want to, M&S is always the best option.

For Your Other Half

BeFunky Collage

Walking Dead Comics – Waterstones, £14.99


Virtual Reality Gaming Headset – Marks & Spencer, £19.50


Jacket – Topman, £85.00


Hoodie – Primark, £12.00


Shirt – Uniqlo, £24.90


Sorry if the boyfriend picks are a bit more suited towards the nerdy boyfriend, I was basing them off of what I might get for my own boyfriend (sorry Stefan).

For Your Secret Santa

BeFunky Collage

Bag – Accessorize @Very.co.uk, £20.00


Gloves – Topshop, £20.00


Morphe 35F 35 Colour Fall Into Frost Palette – Beauty Bay, £23.00


Personalised Coffee Mug – Littlewoods, £14.99


Personalised Wallet – Littlewoods, £17.49


Headphones – H&M, £17.99


Belt 2 Pack – H&M, £17.99


Slippers – River Island, £16.00


Pocket Drone – River Island, £30.00


Secret Santa gifts can be so tricky sometimes, especially when you don’t know the person that well! I think personalised gifts are so good for Secret Santa because it shows that you put that extra bit of effort in rather than just getting them a generic box of chocolates or gift set!


Hope that gave you a little bit of extra inspiration if you’re struggling for ideas this year, or maybe even gave you some ideas of what to put on your own wishlist. Now it’s time to get shopping, good luck!





Things I Need to Get Done Before I’m 20


Whenever people tell me I’m going to be 20 next year, I freak out. Older people, please don’t roll your eyes at me. The thought of not being a teenager makes me want to curl up into a little ball and cry, does this mean I can no longer collect little stuffed Disney toys just because I think they’re cute? Or play Sims 3 for 5 hours and have no regrets? Probably not, but either way it’s fair to say I’ll be sad to see the backside of my teenage years, they’ve been completely cringey, awkward, and at times quite sad but above all they’ve been utterly and astoundingly wonderful. Everything they should be.

At the age of nineteen, I’m lucky enough to say I’ve crossed quite a few things off of my bucket list already, even more so in the past year.. I’ve been to L.A., Paris, Rome Coachella, seen John Mayer in concert.. but I feel like I have a few more things I need to get done before I move on from my teenage years, hence the reason I thought this deserved a post. I haven’t done a post like this in a while so please excuse me if I start babbling, so, before I start doing just that, let’s get into it….

1. Learn to cook

I have the biggest love hate relationship with food – I love crap food and hate everything else! Since starting uni last year my biggest challenge has without a doubt been cooking. The most I’ve ever been able to cook is an omelette, which within itself is a bit of a struggle and sometimes gets a tad bit burnt to a crisp (or chargrilled if we want to use proper chef terms) . I’ve had my fair share of setting things on fire too which has been very traumatic and really put me off. I’m not saying I’m going to be the next Gordon Ramsay but I just want to eat less toast for dinner and order less takeaways this year, you know?

2. Have someone enjoy my posts on here who isn’t my mum

Blogging for me has always been something I’ve never been toooo super serious about, it’s just been a fun hobby. But since starting my Fashion Journalism course and meeting so many like-minded, wonderful people who love fashion as much as I do (shoutout to Team FJ if you’re reading!), I’ve felt so much more inspired to continue this journey and really put the work in to attempt to make it successful. I’ve been blogging since I was sixteen, and back then I definitely did not know half as much about my style or even myself as I thought I did, I still might not now! But if I can have at least one person read my post and enjoy it even the smallest bit, I feel like that’s an achievement. I only racked up the courage to start sharing my blog on my Instagram this year, and I have no regrets. Never be ashamed or scared of something that makes you happy, no one has the right to judge you!

3. Go on another girls holiday


I have the most incredible memories from the past year, going to Ibiza, Sziget (in Budapest), L.A and Paris with some of my best girlfriends has been amazing! There’s honestly nothing better than going away with your girls and getting dressed up every night! This year I’m hoping to have enough money to go on a big girls holiday with my friends, I’d love to go back to Ibiza or Sziget and really explore a little bit more, we’re always talking about it.

4. Stay up all night

I realised the other day that I don’t think I’ve ever stayed up all night. I get tired by about 3pm on a normal day (about 9am if for some awful reason I haven’t had a coffee). Alcohol also makes me fall asleep after about 2 hours so this is a problem. I think this is going to require some planning.


Hope you enjoyed! I did think of some other things like go to Tokyo, visit every Disneyland in the world etc. but I think these things are going to take me waaaaay longer than a year so I’ll save those. Let me know what you want to do before you turn 20 in the comments, or if you’re already 20 what you want to do IN GENERAL. okay. Thanks for reading!



The Outfit I Will Never Wear Again

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

We can all agree that finding yourself in terms of your personal style can be an interesting experience. As an 18 and a half-year-old, I feel that I’ve figured it out, although I’m probably wrong. I bought my first pair of heels when I was fourteen years old, a pair of black wedges from New Look; I remember being terrified of falling over in them. When I finally mastered walking in heels, my love for them only seemed to grow. When I was fifteen I discovered heeled booties, my mum bought me my first pair from H&M. I still have and love those boots, even though they are scuffed and much older than any of the shoes in my wardrobe.

By the time I was in college, I was obsessed with heels. I would wear heeled boots almost everyday, the mere premise of towering over everyone, strutting about in my clunky boots was such a treasure to me, and I felt almost empowered by my choice of shoe. It may sound melodramatic, but wearing the boots was more than just a fashion statement to me, it was a way of letting people know who I was, someone who loved fashion, someone who took pride in the clothes they wore. In a sea of uninspired teenagers in tracksuit bottoms and jeans, I was an up and coming fashion girl in the making. I took comfort in the pain they caused my feet, felt so familiar with the sound of them as they clip-clopped down the hallways. That is, until one fateful day.

One dreary Wednesday morning, as I trekked my way up the stairs to my dreaded Media Studies A-level class, I tripped. Up the stairs. In front of everyone. I twisted my ankle so badly that I had to go to the medical room and get it checked and was limping for weeks after. No longer was I the confident, sophisticated fashion girl I once felt like. Instead, I was a silly girl who should’ve chosen a more appropriate shoe choice for a 9:30A.M. lesson.

I’m not sure why this experience affected me so much; maybe because I was an over dramatic seventeen-year-old girl who thought the world was ending when Zayn Malik left One Direction. Either way, I got into a bit of a style rut after that. We’ve all been there, that feeling when you have cash burning a whole in your pocket and then when you go shopping there just seems to be absolutely nothing worth buying. Nothing seemed worth the while to me. Slowly, I became another face in the crowd of trainer-wearing casual dressers. For about a month. Then Zayn left One Direction and I had bigger problems on my mind.

Although this memoir is titled ‘The Outfit I Will Never Wear Again’ I have to admit that to say that would be a bit of a porky pie. I’ve never really been one to learn from my mistakes too well; I still wear disgustingly dramatic, inappropriate boots every day of my life and probably still will until I’m too old and frail to justify it. I think if I can sum this little story/ramble up with something nice it’s that you should never give something up that brings you any kind of joy, unless it’s drugs. Or something life threatening.

The Weekender Essentials – What To Pack For A Weekend Away

Last weekend I found myself packing for a weekend back home in London. Packing has always been one of my most favourite chores, as someone who finds an almost disgracious amount of pleasure in organizing and de-cluttering; it’s hardly a surprise. Avid to learn from my mistakes from my last trip home, (where I seriously misinterpreted the amount of wearable clothes I had in my wardrobe at home) I decided this time to overcompensate by bringing a substantial amount of clothing that will work for any occasion.



  • Black off the shoulder Missguided dress – perfect for a night out
  • Lightweight jumper
  • Simple white tank top
  • Black bodysuit – can be worn day or night
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Black joggers – for casual wear
  • Print top from Zara, great with jeans to dress up a look
  • Fleecy pyjama bottoms (it’s getting so much colder in England now! If you’ve never invested in a pair of these, you’re seriously missing out)


This might seem like a lot to be taking for a couple of day at home, and yes, it is. I’m an obsessive over-packer, I’ll admit it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Hair ties/bobby pins
  • Jewelry – earrings, watch, rings, necklace


I try to keep it simple when it comes to accessories, nothing that won’t fit in a small, transportable make-up bag.

Travel essentials:

  • Plasters – like I said, better to be safe than sorry
  • Chewing gum
  • Phone charger
  • Blanket – for ultimate comfort during the long coach journey home
  • Headphones
  • Macbook and charger


These are my all-crucial carry-on essentials, the items that I simply cannot leave without. I would also take some magazines to entertain me, but I left that one out as I usually end up buying them on the way.