CA Travel Diaries: DISNEYLAND

My favourite part of any trip is always going to be Disneyland. Always. I was so happy to get the chance to stay in Anaheim for a couple nights on our trip, to spend a day in Disneyland. I’m a self confessed Disney nerd and with one of my biggest life goals being to visit every Disneyland in the world (three down, four to go…), I was more than excited to be able to cross another one off the list.

Top – Primark

Dungarees – Asos

Bag – Primark

Shoes – Primark

As I’m a completely extra human being, naturally I decided that none of the normal Disney ears were good enough. This meant buying ears from the kids section which were waaaaaayy cuter but gave me a fat old headache all day, worth it. I also had to make a minor adjustment to them as they had an ugly butterfly bow thing on them which I cut off. DIY Disney ears coming at ya.


CA Travel Diaries: COACHELLA

I spent a pretty extortionate percentage of my savings on my L.A trip, most of which went towards a little-known festival called Coachella..

 Arriving in Palm Springs

I wasn’t going to talk about the day of our arrival just because, well, let’s face it, you’d probably much rather hear about the festival. But I felt that I really just needed a space where I could talk about how much I freaking adore Palm Springs, aside from the festival. Or more specifically, the part of Palm Springs that our villa was in, the old town. Not only is the weather amazing, the old town is maybe the cutest place I have ever been to. There’s little boutiques and restaurants with fairy lights and palm trees lining the streets everywhere you go. Not to mention the fact that if you look to the right there’s some really cool mountains just chilling there. They even have their own walk of fame, which is pretty cool considering I missed out on the Hollywood walk of fame. It’s just such a chill, happy place and I want to live there forever, please. Oh, and our house was also uuhhh-maaazing.

I have to say, my expectations of Coachella didn’t line up much with the reality of it, probably because they were so high. While it is undeniably a beautiful place full of beautiful people in beautiful clothes, it’s also overpriced (be prepared to pay $10 for a lemonade) and overrun with the smell of weed. Nevertheless, Coachella was still one of my most favourite parts of my trip and I made some amazing memories.

My day one outfit is one of my favourites, simply because it’s all pink. I got my pink two piece at a boutique on Melrose Avenue a few days prior to the festival, and my cat ears are from Claire’s accessories.


Day two brought my favourite performance of the entire festival: Lady Gaga. From when she released her first album I had always wanted to see her live, and she definitely didn’t disappoint!

I decided to go for a slightly more chilled look with my outfit on day 2 with my simple black crochet accessorize top (purchased at the airport, very last minute I know) and my favourite palm tree skirt from Topshop.



The last day of the festival brought another one of my favourite performances from Lorde, someone I never expected to enjoy seeing quite as much as I did, she’s an amazing performer, I really want to go to one of her concerts now! We also went on the famous Coachella wheel as the sun was going down, which was, as you can probably imagine, just lovely. The only negative was that I just missed Kehlani, who I was so desperate to see. I had planned to go to the last 10 minutes of her set after seeing Lorde, but somehow only managed to see the last bit of the last song she played, gutted.

My day three dress was another last minute airport purchase from Accessorize (they never let me down) and I love my feather headband which was actually the result of a chance encounter in Topshop at The Grove in L.A. earlier that week. I’m so glad I saw it because the colours went perfectly with my dress!

To conclude, was it worth the money? For the experience, definitely. Is it really all that different from any other festival? Unless you have a VIP pass, helllll na. Never the less, if you like big dress up parties in the desert where you get to be as extra as you like with your outfit, you don’t mind paying $10 for a lemonade and enjoy a bit of celeb spotting (I saw Josh Hutchinson and Tyler Posey and was very happy about it), this may be the festival for you.

CA Travel Diaries: West Hollywood In 3 Days

Perched on the edge of a plane seat next to one of my best friends, leaning as far as my seatbelt will allow to see the palm trees and rows of never ending, neatly aligned houses and swimming pools out the window, not to mention the skyscrapers and rocky hills that almost look like ant hills from 6,000 feet high. It’s moments like these that make you stop to think how did I even get here?

Visiting L.A. always seemed like a pipe dream to me, it’s been a city I always felt like I belonged to without ever having set foot in it. Getting there always seemed impossible, but when my friend Jess asked me if I wanted to tag along on a trip, I thought okay, why not?

DAY ONE: Melrose Avenue, The Grove, L.A.C.M.A, Rodeo Drive

We were lucky enough to start our journey in an Airbnb just off Melrose Avenue, just around the corner from Urth Cafe, needless to say this meant that I started almost every morning with one of their amazing iced honey vanilla latté’s.

Melrose is the perfect place for vintage shopping and photo shoots, two of my most favourite things, it’s home to the famous Paul Smith pink wall, where we spent a completely appropriate amount of time capturing the perfect Instagram pictures.

After a morning of shopping at Melrose, we headed down to The Grove for even more shopping. If you haven’t heard of The Grove, it’s basically the most beautiful, picturesque shopping mall ever. This was one of my favourite parts of the day for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I made my first ever designer bag purchase! As soon as I saw the little pink bag in Michael Kors (pictured above) I was in love! I’m not usually one to spend so much at once but I know that this is something I’ll keep for a long time and will always be able to remember my trip by. It was actually the last one in stock at The Grove, and with it being limited edition and only available in the U.S, I knew I had to get it.

After that was our next photo shoot location, L.A.C.M.A (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), unfortunately by the time we had got there the museum was already closed, but there was still time to take pictures with the famous Urban Lights. 

Sunglasses – Primark

Choker – local boutique

Top – Hollister

Flannel shirt – H&M

Shorts – ASOS

Sandals – Primark

Bag – Primark

DAY TWO: Hike to the Hollywood sign & Universal Studios

For the most incredible views of L.A., nothing beats a hike across the Hollywood hills. Admittedly, me and Jess aren’t really cut out for hiking, so it was bound to be a disaster.. more on that later..

We started out at Griffith Observatory, which you might recognise from La La Land. We ended up going craaaazy early due to jet lag waking us up at silly o’clock in the morning but it ended up working out, we definitely missed the crowds! Unfortunately the observatory wasn’t open (why does everything in L.A. open so late??)  but it did offer some incredible views.

If I can give you one piece of advice for planning a hike to the Hollywood sign, it would be this: if you want to get anywhere near the actual sign, plan your route, RESEARCH the CRAP out of it. Me and Jess did not do this. Me and Jess ended up hiking in the complete opposite direction and resorted to attempting to climb down a steep muddy hill/ravine/near death experience type of situation to try and get back on the right path. But, never the less, I saw the Hollywood sign and it was pretty cool.

Next came a somewhat spontaneous trip to Universal Studios. The day before me and Jess had tried on some beautiful Puma trainers (pictured below) and had put a couple of pairs on hold at the Shoe Palace store at Universal CityWalk (Universal’s Downtown Disney basically), so we went down there for a spot of lunch and shopping. I’m not sure how, but somewhere in the excitement of it all it turned into a full on trip to Universal.

Harry Potter world is always the highlight of Universal. Always. Being almost sickeningly sweet, Butter Beer is one of my most favourite drinks ever so I’m always glad when I actually have the opportunity to get one. Although we only spent the afternoon there it was a really fun day. I’d definitely reccomend doing the Studio Tour if you should ever find yourself there.

Hat – Shoe Palace

Shirt – vintage shop on Melrose Avenue

Shorts (worn underneath) – Missguided

Shoes – Target

DAY THREE – More picture taking & Warner Bros. Studio Tour

After another delicious breakfast at Urth Cafe we returned to the Pink Wall on Melrose for another picture taking session, this time in matching pink outfits and Puma’s. Yes, we are that basic. We got our baby pink ‘Girls Tour’ t-shirt dresses from a little boutique on Melrose called Sorella. If you’re looking for some heavily Kylie Jenner/Yeezy/general Kardashian inspired style clothing, this is the place to go!

One of my most favourite parts of my time in L.A. was without a doubt are trip to the Warner Bros. Studios. Pretty Little Liars is one of my favourite shows that I’ve been watching for the longest time, so to be able to actually walk around Rosewood High School and see the Lost Woods Resort was so surreal. The Pretty Little Liars cast were even on the lot filming the Ellen Show whilst I was there, although unfortunately I didn’t see them, despite keeping my eyes firmly peeled.

Sunglasses – Primark

Dress – Sorella

Scarf – Primark

Bag – Primark

Shoes – Puma

Sunglasses – Primark

Top – Boohoo

Scarf – Primark

Shorts – Zara

Bag – Michael Kors

Shoes – Primark

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in L.A., and am already starting to miss our little house on Melrose. However, I’m so excited to be spending the weekend in Palm Springs at Coachella, so make sure you stay tuned for my next post to hear about that by following me! Also, you can follow me on Instagram at @_heyitsphoebe for updates, the festival pics are going to be on point, I promise.